A New Beginning!!

By Brett Windsor, PT, PhDc, MPA, OCS, FAAOMPT

Welcome to the NAIOMT blog!! We’re getting started again, after an admittedly long hiatus. It’s time to start some new conversations and to continue some old ones. It’s time to reconnect with old friends, and to connect with some new ones.

Most of all, it’s time to talk about manual therapy. The science has long been a focus and will continue to be at the heart of NAIOMT’s mission, but the art has been largely forgotten and this represents NAIOMT’s soul. The art of manual therapy comes back to the debate.

The blog will be updated two to three times a week with material devoted to manual therapy from the NAIOMT perspective. You’ll hear from NAIOMT founders, faculty, and students, as well as from some of our residents and fellows in training. You may even hear the views of a patient from time to time.

NAIOMT is eclectic. We make no apologies for that…it’s what we are. Everything works some of the time…nothing works all of the time. But, if you can reason, if you can evaluate, if you can make good decisions about what is truly happening, then the treatment world is a blank slate.

So join us…be involved in the conversation…we look forward to hearing from you!!


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