Behold! The New PC-PT

Professions are always in flux. Ten years ago, getting your DPT was all the rage and direct access was a buzz phrase that everyone on the cutting edge was backing! But now that we have become recognized as doctors, now that we are the first stop on some patients’ list of practitioners, are we prepared… Continue reading Behold! The New PC-PT

Restoring Ability To Reach Behind Back

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty instructor Bill Temes, PT, MS, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT works with the shoulder to restore range of motion. For more manual therapy expertise, join Bill in person at Advanced Upper Quadrant Integration in NYC August 26-27!

Article of The Week: Pronator Drift

This article in the New England Journal of Medicine is an excellent review of pronator drift and explains how injury to the pyramidal tracks can cause pronator drift. In physical therapy, assessing for cervical artery dysfunction is an important aspect of evaluation, knowing the physiology behind pronator drift is a must! Pronator Drift Philip Darcy, M.B., and… Continue reading Article of The Week: Pronator Drift

Here’s What The Health Care System Needs Most

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and again. But as you know, there’s a big problem in our country. People generally aren’t even aware of the depth of care, effective treatment and prevention that comes along with physical therapy. They’re not reaching PT soon enough, or even at all in many cases. They simply continue to… Continue reading Here’s What The Health Care System Needs Most

Sharp Purser Test: RA Version vs Erl Pettman Version

In the manual therapy video below, Distinguished NAIOMT Faculty instructor Ann Porter Hoke discusses two versions of the Sharp Purser Test, one for rheumatoid arthritis and one developed by NAIOMT Faculty Erl Pettman. Get more expert manual therapy guidance from seasoned clinicians in one of these upcoming courses offered in all regions of the country.

Movement Monday: 352 Mile Long Race Across the Arctic

A few weeks ago we shared a video In Sickness and In Movement as a cool reminder of why we do what we do as physical therapists. We followed up with this Ted Talk that emphasizes the power of what we say, alongside what we do. So we’re going to keep things rolling along those lines each week with a “Movement Monday” post where we’ll continue… Continue reading Movement Monday: 352 Mile Long Race Across the Arctic