Is PT An “Alternative Treatment?” to Pain Meds?

Yesterday NPR aired a piece titled “To Curb Pain Without Opioids, Oregon Looks To Alternative Treatments.” In it they spoke with a woman who, when at 59 she began to experience pain in various parts of her body she was prescribed “Vicodin and muscle relaxants” by a physician. Because the pain continued, she tried to manage… Continue reading Is PT An “Alternative Treatment?” to Pain Meds?

Come. Let us reason together

Of late,Twitter has been engulfed in a rather ferocious to and fro on dry needling. The current darling of the PT world has been challenged. As any chivalrous gentleman would do, swords were drawn from their scabbards in defense of ‘her’ honor. The two sides parried back and forth until, so far as I can tell, each became weary of the other and returned… Continue reading Come. Let us reason together

Ultrasound: Why Do Manual Therapists Cringe At The Request?

Hello from Eugene, Oregon where I’ve been volunteering at the USATF Outdoor Championships! Last year I was chosen along with a dozen or so other physical therapist’s to cover the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Like many other professionals who volunteer their time, I do it because I love my… Continue reading Ultrasound: Why Do Manual Therapists Cringe At The Request?

The True Role of the SI Joint in Lower Quarter Dysfunction

Where will you be on June 5 and 6? If you’re a PT professional or student looking get to the bottom of some important questions regarding function, network and learn from some of the best in the field of manual therapy, you’re going to want to be in Seattle earning 10 contact hours! Join Erl Pettman,… Continue reading The True Role of the SI Joint in Lower Quarter Dysfunction

Back Pain Gets Much-Needed Attention

Everyday PTs across the country are dedicated to finding prevention strategies and treatment solutions for patients experiencing debilitating back pain, and NAIOMT faculty, courses and fellowships focus on providing the tools, clinical skills and mentorship necessary to do so. We know this pervasive issue needs more coordinated attention to help the millions of Americans whose… Continue reading Back Pain Gets Much-Needed Attention

Baby Steps Toward Efficient, Effective & Affordable Healthcare

The LA Times published an interesting article a few days ago focused on the role some large companies are playing — Boeing Starbucks and Costco in particular — in encouraging efficient, effective and affordable healthcare. You can read the full piece by Noam Levey here and take from it what you like, but we wanted to focus today on this little snippet. “Patients with back pain frequently… Continue reading Baby Steps Toward Efficient, Effective & Affordable Healthcare

Should PTAs Perform Manual Therapy?

It’s probably not unreasonable to say that the most controversial issue facing manual therapy right now is an internal one–that of whether or not to allow PTAs to perform manual therapy techniques and in particular, manipulation. As you may or may not know, CAPTE has recently begun to bow to significant pressure from the PTA… Continue reading Should PTAs Perform Manual Therapy?