Lumbar Compression Test (Video)

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT Faculty member Terry Pratt, MS, PT, COMT, FAAOMPT demonstrates a Lumbar Compression Test. Let us know if you have any questions at all and browse our upcoming manual therapy course schedule to find opportunities in your region!

Good Enough vs. The Courage to Innovate in Manual Therapy

I have been going through an interesting stage of my career where I have ended up shifting all aspects of my care and treatment for patients.  I have a different approach, not necessarily by choice, but by evolution. At one point in my career, Cliff Fowler, MCSP, MCPA, FCAMPT taught me a technique that revolutionized my practice.… Continue reading Good Enough vs. The Courage to Innovate in Manual Therapy

PT Profile: Ryan Maddrey

We can’t really say it enough–it’s simply wonderful to see PT students and young PTs enthusiastically jumping into our profession with both feet. And with passionate student leaders like Ryan Maddrey, the future of physical therapy in the United States is looking bright. Ryan is a third year student physical therapist at the Medical University of the South… Continue reading PT Profile: Ryan Maddrey

When PTs Get Together…

What happens when you put together people with a common passion, nature, food/drink and people who have a heart to give back to others? This year’s SE NAIOMT Regional Meeting in the heart of Tennessee. When I started taking NAIOMT courses, all I thought I was getting was the best instruction in clinical reasoning and… Continue reading When PTs Get Together…

Does Size Really Matter?

I have been sitting on a thought for a while as I work on decorating my new office. I have recently earned another certificate to put on the wall. I placed this new one above my very first manual therapy certificate and it made me think about the differences. The new one is the largest… Continue reading Does Size Really Matter?

The Ties That Bind Us

Each week, as we lead manual therapy courses across the United States, the passion for PT is palpable. And with all that passion comes important debate. Sometimes we even see  heated discussions being hashed out online between people across the globe, of all experience-levels and abilities. (Been on Twitter, lately?!) But whether you’re a physical therapist here in… Continue reading The Ties That Bind Us

PTs Can Help Get This Out in the Open

Did you know more than one third of women in the United States suffer from a pelvic floor disorder, which can include urinary incontinence, painful sex, bowel symptoms and pelvic pain? But unfortunately a great number accept their symptoms as a normal consequence of childbirth or aging. Worse yet, some care providers even them shrug off as such. And… Continue reading PTs Can Help Get This Out in the Open

PT Profile: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Warm welcome to Dr. Gene Shirokobrod of Updoc Media’s Therapy Insiders to our PT Profile series! Dr. Shirokobrod is an avid proponent of multifaceted physical therapy, which includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular retraining and movement analysis. He graduated from University of Maryland School of Medicine-Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science, completed his undergraduate studies at McDaniel… Continue reading PT Profile: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

One Goal, Two Different Ways to Get There

There is a skit by comedian Michael McIntyre where he describes the difference between people leaving the house – those with kids and those without kids. Those without kids decide to leave the house and just get up put on their coats and walk out the door. And for those with kids it is about… Continue reading One Goal, Two Different Ways to Get There