When PTs Get Together…

What happens when you put together people with a common passion, nature, food/drink and people who have a heart to give back to others?


This year’s SE NAIOMT Regional Meeting in the heart of Tennessee.

When I started taking NAIOMT courses, all I thought I was getting was the best instruction in clinical reasoning and a framework for practice. And, I did get this.

But, what I received in addition to this was more than I knew to look for professionally. I was given the context to know people who will stimulate me the rest of my career. Who knew to look for a group that would take me past classes, certification, and fellowship?


This CFI regional meeting was no exception. NAIOMT therapists are amazing people, as well as clinicians. This was confirmed this past weekend, particularly because we did something a little different. We met in a lodge on a bluff in the middle of Tennessee. We cooked together, we ate together, we hiked together, and we swam under a waterfall together. We talked shop, and shared techniques, and discussed lots and lots about our roles as mentors. And, in this, as in everything else, these physical therapists are exceptional. They still care, they are still excited about growing and learning, and on top of that, they are insanely fun.











Thanks to everyone who came and shared not only information and techniques, but also meals, nature, and friendship.

And, thank you for giving to others through mentorship.

Looking forward to the next meeting…

-Rebecca Lowe, PT, COMT, FAAOMPT


Rebecca began NAIOMT coursework in 1994, was certified in 1999, and fellowship trained by 2006. She owns Manual Therapy of Nashville, is a NAIOMT CFI. She is very thankful for the framework that NAIOMT provided her right after graduating from PT school. Her advice, don’t just learn techniques, learn when to use them.  And, look at the whole person. She recently published a book for her patients (and therapists) called Restoring Hope in Chronic Pain: A Whole Person Perspective from an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist.


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