PT Profile: Megan Mitchell

If you spend any time in the PT-Twitterverse, you’ve likely seen the plethora of PT students building relationships with other clinicians and tackling some our field’s most pressing issues. We continued to be impressed by the leadership and professionalism this population is demonstrating, and how committed so many are to making a difference right from… Continue reading PT Profile: Megan Mitchell

PT Profile: William Stokes

Aaand the incredible young leaders in PT keep on coming…If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of running into him in person at a conference or out there in the Twittersphere, allow us to introduce you to William C. Stokes, a third year DPT student at Wingate University, where he’s President of Student Government and a recent APTA Core Ambassador for North… Continue reading PT Profile: William Stokes

PT Profile: Keaton Ray

This week, let’s give a warm welcome to Keaton Ray PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS–someone who’s early in her career, yet blazing an inspiring trail, and is eager to continue learning, growing, contributing and leading our profession in the years ahead. She’s an outpatient orthopedic PT in Portland, Oregon and graduated from Duke in 2014. While studying, she was class president and served… Continue reading PT Profile: Keaton Ray

PT Profile: Jillian Tanych

This week we’d like to introduce you to yet another PT student who exemplifies professionalism and leadership, and demonstrates tremendous drive and promise in shaping our profession in the years to come. Jillian Tanych just began her third year at the University of Vermont’s DPT program where she’ll be headed out on three 10-week clinical rotations this fall before graduation… Continue reading PT Profile: Jillian Tanych

PT Profile: Ryan Maddrey

We can’t really say it enough–it’s simply wonderful to see PT students and young PTs enthusiastically jumping into our profession with both feet. And with passionate student leaders like Ryan Maddrey, the future of physical therapy in the United States is looking bright. Ryan is a third year student physical therapist at the Medical University of the South… Continue reading PT Profile: Ryan Maddrey

PT Profile: David Bond

This week, we’d like you to meet David Bond, a third-year student physical therapist at the University of Washington. But he’s not your average PT student. A former fire fighter and paramedic, he’s currently interning in outpatient physical therapy at Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon. As we’ve mentioned many times before, we feel it’s important to… Continue reading PT Profile: David Bond

PT Profile: Michael Lehr

We are very excited to introduce you to and give a warm welcome to Michael E. Lehr PT,DPT,OCS,CSCS, who will be joining the NAIOMT guest faculty to teach two new specialty courses coming up focused on Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and Neuromuscular Exercise Prescription. (Stay tuned for more info on those and browse upcoming manual therapy learning… Continue reading PT Profile: Michael Lehr

PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

  You know what gets us really excited? When young PTs and students “get it” from the very beginning. When someone exudes passion for our field, wants to learn from its history and take steps to improve it. When they understand the importance of truly listening to each patient, because that’s the only way to get to the bottom of… Continue reading PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

PT Profile: Alexis Morgan

We are pleased today, to introduce you to an inspiring young leader in our field, APTASA Director of Communications and DPT student at East Tennessee State University Alexis Morgan.  She’s been an active participant in an array of PT-related issues including Global PT Day of Service, and continues to facilitate vital healthcare conversations among her peers and beyond. What made you… Continue reading PT Profile: Alexis Morgan

PT Profile: Lori Forner

Our PT Profile Series exists because we think it’s important to hear the varying perspectives of professionals across the physical therapy field. Whether it’s a new PT school grad just embarking on their career, a master clinician with decades of experience, or a physio working within an entirely different system  across the globe, there’s value in every unique voice… Continue reading PT Profile: Lori Forner