PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

  You know what gets us really excited? When young PTs and students “get it” from the very beginning. When someone exudes passion for our field, wants to learn from its history and take steps to improve it. When they understand the importance of truly listening to each patient, because that’s the only way to get to the bottom of… Continue reading PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

PT Profile: Alexis Morgan

We are pleased today, to introduce you to an inspiring young leader in our field, APTASA Director of Communications and DPT student at East Tennessee State University Alexis Morgan.  She’s been an active participant in an array of PT-related issues including Global PT Day of Service, and continues to facilitate vital healthcare conversations among her peers and beyond. What made you… Continue reading PT Profile: Alexis Morgan

PT Profile: Lori Forner

Our PT Profile Series exists because we think it’s important to hear the varying perspectives of professionals across the physical therapy field. Whether it’s a new PT school grad just embarking on their career, a master clinician with decades of experience, or a physio working within an entirely different system  across the globe, there’s value in every unique voice… Continue reading PT Profile: Lori Forner

PT Profile: Ethan Sedman

Today it’s our pleasure to feature physical therapist Ethan Sedman, a relatively new PT who impressed NAIOMT faculty Kathy Stupansky during a recent Lumbopelvic Spine course. Ethan recently graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College. He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has resided in Boston, New York, and presently lives in Colorado Springs. His… Continue reading PT Profile: Ethan Sedman

PT Profile: Leah Sawyer

Today we welcome Nashville, Tennessee physical therapist Leah Sawyer, originally from Southern Oregon. She’s a passionate PT dedicated to learning and growing in our profession, and ultimately, of course getting people better. Below, Leah shares a little of her background, followed by her answers to a few of our PT Profile questions. ~ I spent the better part of my childhood… Continue reading PT Profile: Leah Sawyer

PT Profile: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

Warm welcome to Dr. Gene Shirokobrod of Updoc Media’s Therapy Insiders to our PT Profile series! Dr. Shirokobrod is an avid proponent of multifaceted physical therapy, which includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular retraining and movement analysis. He graduated from University of Maryland School of Medicine-Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science, completed his undergraduate studies at McDaniel… Continue reading PT Profile: Dr. Gene Shirokobrod

PT Profile: Morgan Denny, DPT

Today we’re excited to welcome Morgan Denny DPT to our PT Profile Series. Morgan was born and raised in Omaha, NE and graduated PT School at University of Montana in 2006. She works with the STAND: The Haiti Project and enjoys playing on trails, traveling, and laughing so hard she can’t breathe. Read our interview with her below for some pretty valuable insights from a… Continue reading PT Profile: Morgan Denny, DPT