PT Profile: Fred Gilbert

Today we’re excited to welcome Fred Gilbert to our PT Profile series–someone who demonstrates a genuine dedication to the physical therapy profession, and one with a stellar career ahead of him helping colleagues and patients alike. Fred is a 3rd year DPT student at University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and will be graduating in December 2015! Fred has served as… Continue reading PT Profile: Fred Gilbert

Spinal Manipulation: Essentials to Endorsement in Washington

Do you believe spinal manipulation can help your patients? Do you want to be able to effectively utilize it as one of the tools in treating? Whatever level you’re practicing or studying physical therapy at, if you’re located in the state of Washington, you’re likely well aware of the importance of endorsement when it comes to… Continue reading Spinal Manipulation: Essentials to Endorsement in Washington

PT Profile: Karen Litzy

For this week’s PT Profile, we’re excited to welcome to Karen Litzy. Karen graduated from Misericordia University with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy in 1997 and in 2014 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She’s the owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, a concierge physical therapy practice in New York City, host of the podcast Healthy Wealthy & Smart and… Continue reading PT Profile: Karen Litzy

Direct Access & Treating Without A Referral

A friend experiencing neck pain recently called around to find a physical therapist who would see her. She had been to PT before and knew how much it would help. But because she was seeking out PT directly, without first going to a doctor, clinic after clinic turned her away. One said “we’re not doctors, we… Continue reading Direct Access & Treating Without A Referral