Should This Patient Race with an Ankle Sprain?

In the manual therapy videos below, NAIOMT’s Terry Pratt addresses a case of a significant ankle sprain involving ATFL and the inferior tib-fib joint. If you had a case like this would you let your patient run a 10K in the next five days? Watch as Terry assesses before and after the race, and to strengthen… Continue reading Should This Patient Race with an Ankle Sprain?

Radio Humeral Joint Mobilization

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty instructor Terry Pratt explains an alternative way to mobilize the elbow for regaining flexion, as part of his Musculoskeletal Monday: The Elbow Complex post. Let us know if you have questions, and to strengthen your manual therapy and clinical reasoning skills, join us for one of these upcoming Upper Extremity… Continue reading Radio Humeral Joint Mobilization

Musculoskeletal Monday: From Technicians to MSK Specialists

Well, it is time again for MSK Monday, and I have the pleasure of writing this blog from the “espressohotel” in Milan. I am teaching a Lumbar Spine I class for a group of physiotherapists in northern Italy, and teaching in Rome the next weekend. I appreciate the Italian hospitality and their eagerness to learn.… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: From Technicians to MSK Specialists

Musculoskeletal Monday: Mix Tape

Today’s post is dedicated the mix tape. For those of you who remember, the mix tape was the perfect combination of songs to convey to someone how you felt teenager, 1980s). They were difficult to make, imperfect, but in the end, satisfying. Therapy can be like a mix tape.  Each day we bring our best… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Mix Tape

Musculoskeletal Monday: Inflammation IS Healing… Literally

This week I wanted to review the only way the body knows how to heal: inflammation. It gets a bad rap, usually juxtaposed with the words chronic and pain to label an injury, or remarks/comments for a conversation. Inflammation is seldom used in a positive context. So let’s give inflammation a pep talk and vouch… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Inflammation IS Healing… Literally

Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

I am traveling back to New York to teach the Cervical Spine II portion of the NAIOMT series. As chance would have it, JOSPT just published in July an issue dedicated to the cervical spine and whiplash specifically. This issue is Part II, (Part I was published in October 2016.) From cover to cover both issues… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

The “Dangers” of Cervical Manipulation have been promoted widely over the spectrum of medicine, but what is the reality? Manipulation is as safe as any other intervention if utilized with the appropriate patient, and has been proven through research to be effective. So why should we shy away from it? As with all areas of… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

Musculoskeletal Monday: Sensational Sensation

There has been a lot of discussion in research and on social media regarding central sensitization. A feature of this phenomena is allodynia. This week’s post takes an in-depth look at the many features of sensation and how to use these to enhance your clinical reasoning. Anatomy Doesn’t Lie If you get a chance to… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Sensational Sensation

Musculoskeletal Monday: The Shoulder

There has been an increase in rotator cuff surgical procedures performed after surgical consultation in patients presenting with shoulder pain. This has resulted in a 238% increase in the number of rotator cuff repairs in the last decade! Although large tears have been shown to benefit positively from surgery, it is important to note that… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: The Shoulder

Musculoskeletal Monday

Welcome to Musculoskeletal Monday (a.k.a. MSK Monday). This is the first of many weekly posts intended to motivate and inspire fellow PTs. I am as excited about therapy now as I was when I first graduated in 1997 and would like to share that excitement on Mondays to start the week out right. In this… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday