Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

I am traveling back to New York to teach the Cervical Spine II portion of the NAIOMT series. As chance would have it, JOSPT just published in July an issue dedicated to the cervical spine and whiplash specifically. This issue is Part II, (Part I was published in October 2016.) From cover to cover both issues… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

Abstract of the Week: Whiplash Injury or Concussion?

This week, we take a look at Whiplash Injury or Concussion? A Possible Biomechanical Explanation for Concussion Symptoms in Some Individuals Following a Rear-End Collision from the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy. Elkin, et al. 2016 provide their biomechanical explanation for mechanism of injury of a concussion in a rear-end type collision. These authors specifically are looking at… Continue reading Abstract of the Week: Whiplash Injury or Concussion?