Musculoskeletal Monday: It’s All About Balance

Balance has been one of my favorite areas to study and teach. I remember first learning how balance is integrated through multiple systems and I was amazed that, as humans, we could stand upright without falling over. The statement that “gait is a series of controlled falls” was used by many professors, and I could… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: It’s All About Balance

Assessing and Treating the Clavicle

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT’s Stacy Soapmann demonstrates one way to assess and treat the clavicle, the latest from our Facebook Live feed. Leave any questions you may have below and if you’d like to advance your clinical reasoning and upper extremity manual therapy skills, join us for one of our upcoming courses: Berrien… Continue reading Assessing and Treating the Clavicle

Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

The “Dangers” of Cervical Manipulation have been promoted widely over the spectrum of medicine, but what is the reality? Manipulation is as safe as any other intervention if utilized with the appropriate patient, and has been proven through research to be effective. So why should we shy away from it? As with all areas of… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

Patient Have Pain Turning Head to the Left? Here’s One Way to Assess and Treat

Do you regularly see patients experiencing pain with left rotation? In the video below, NAIOMT’s Stacy Soappman, PT, DSc, COMT, FAAOMPT addresses one way to assess and treat. For more manual therapy guidance, join us for Cervical Spine in Orlando, FL September 10-11, or browse our full schedule of courses coming up in your area.

Musculoskeletal Monday

Welcome to Musculoskeletal Monday (a.k.a. MSK Monday). This is the first of many weekly posts intended to motivate and inspire fellow PTs. I am as excited about therapy now as I was when I first graduated in 1997 and would like to share that excitement on Mondays to start the week out right. In this… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday

Great Expectations (Of Patients)

What do you do when a patient comes in and is disappointed that they are not better? When they are unhappy with the progress and are still in pain? When they seem to be losing faith in you and your treatment? This is something I’ve experience recently, and it got me thinking about the importance… Continue reading Great Expectations (Of Patients)

How To Have Your PT Career (And Enjoy It Too!)

Most physical therapists I have met over the years have similar reasons for entering the field and practice: The willingness to help others. But somewhere along the line, that passion can get lost. We get caught up in other entities of the job and lose sight of what we entered the practice for. There are productivity… Continue reading How To Have Your PT Career (And Enjoy It Too!)