Post MVA Cervical Case (Video)

In the NAIOMT manual therapy video below, faculty member Bill Temes, PT, MS, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT addresses an example case of cervical issues post MVA. Let us know if you have any questions at all, and for more in depth experience into cervical spine manual therapy, join us for an upcoming course! Salt Lake City, UT –… Continue reading Post MVA Cervical Case (Video)

Cervical Tests Blocking and Mob (Video)

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT Faculty Kent Keyser works with former Fellow-in-Training, Hannah Shallice on the cervical spine. The NAIOMT Clinical Fellowship Program is a self-directed, part-time, eclectic program to enhance a PT’s safe, efficient and effective advanced clinical reasoning and management of complex musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. To get a sense of the personal guidance our… Continue reading Cervical Tests Blocking and Mob (Video)

Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

I am traveling back to New York to teach the Cervical Spine II portion of the NAIOMT series. As chance would have it, JOSPT just published in July an issue dedicated to the cervical spine and whiplash specifically. This issue is Part II, (Part I was published in October 2016.) From cover to cover both issues… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Whiplash

Atlantoaxial Mobility Non-articular Cervical Dysfunction Assessment

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty member Ann Porter Hoke demonstrates how to accurately assess mobility in the cervical spine differentiating between actual ROM and ROM restricted by muscle guarding. If you have questions and want to take your clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills to the next level, join us in person for… Continue reading Atlantoaxial Mobility Non-articular Cervical Dysfunction Assessment

Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

The “Dangers” of Cervical Manipulation have been promoted widely over the spectrum of medicine, but what is the reality? Manipulation is as safe as any other intervention if utilized with the appropriate patient, and has been proven through research to be effective. So why should we shy away from it? As with all areas of… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: Cervical Manipulation

Patient Have Pain Turning Head to the Left? Here’s One Way to Assess and Treat

Do you regularly see patients experiencing pain with left rotation? In the video below, NAIOMT’s Stacy Soappman, PT, DSc, COMT, FAAOMPT addresses one way to assess and treat. For more manual therapy guidance, join us for Cervical Spine in Orlando, FL September 10-11, or browse our full schedule of courses coming up in your area.

Atlantoaxial Rotary Stability Test

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT distinguished faculty instructor Ann Porter Hoke demonstrates an atlantoaxial rotary stability test (weight bearing-seated). For an in-depth opportunity to learn from one of the field’s most seasoned and eclectic manual therapists and mentors, join Ann for: Cervical Spine I – Seattle, WA – March 18-19 Lumbopelvic Spine I – Portland, OR – April 1-2… Continue reading Atlantoaxial Rotary Stability Test