Unilateral CT Junction Manipulation with a “Sensitive” Neck

Do you regularly see patients experiencing neck pain? In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT’s Stacy Soappman demonstrates a Unilateral CT junction manipulation with consideration to a “sensitive” neck. This is one of the treatment techniques PTs learn in our Cervical Spine I course, so if you’re interested in understanding how and when to apply it, join us! Here are a few coming up (Cervical I and II can be taken in any order, and we sponsor 2nd and 2rd year PT students at half off registration fee).

New York, NY – July 15-16 -Cervical Spine I
Baltimore- August 25-26- Cervical Spine I
New York, NY – August 26-27 – Cervical Spine II
Berrien Springs, MI – September 11-12 – Cervical Spine I
Seattle, WA – September 15-16 – Cervical Spine I
Annville, PA – September 15-16 – Cervical Spine I
Berrien Springs – September 25-26 – Cervical Spine II

Let us know if you have any questions!


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