Treatment of the Sacroiliac Joint for Mechanical Dysfunction

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT’s Dallas-based faculty member, Michael Lucido, demonstrates a treatment of the sacroiliac joint for mechanical dysfunction. Let us know if you have any questions at all–we understand that each physical therapist that participates in our programs and courses is unique, so we design our con ed to meet you where you and your skills are at, focusing on clinical reasoning at every step.

Experience our eclectic approach at one of our upcoming Lumbopelvic Spine sessions, which can be taken in any order convenient to you (2nd and 3rd year PT students are sponsored at a discount):

Tucson, AZ – August 16-19 – Lumbopelvic Spine II
Boston, MA – September 7-8 – Lumbopelvic Spine I
Portland, OR – September 8-9 – Lumbopelvic Spine I
Berrien Springs, MI – September 9-10 – Lumbopelvic Spine I
New York, NY – September 16-17 – Lumbopelvic Spine II
Atlanta, GA -September 29-30 – Lumbopelvic Spine I
Orlando, FL – September 30-October 1 – Lumbopelvic Spine I
Bozeman, MT – October 6-7 – Lumbopelvic Spine II

“Chicago Technique” from NAIOMT on Vimeo.


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