Musculoskeletal Monday: The Lumbar Disc

Anatomy Doesn’t Lie One of my favorite books is Clinical and Radiological Anatomy of the Lumbar Spine by Nikolai Bogduk. It is currently in its 5th edition and is the most detailed and functional explanation of lumbar anatomy. The entire second chapter is dedicated to the interbody joints and the intervertebral disc, and although the… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: The Lumbar Disc

Grade I General Suboccipital Traction in Sitting

In the manual therapy continuing education video below, NAIOMT Faculty Member Steve Allen demonstrates how to conduct a grade I suboccipital traction technique with a seated patient. Dive deeper into more conditions of the cervical spine with upcoming courses in Seattle, NYC, Dallas, Atlanta and Spokane and beyond.

PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

  You know what gets us really excited? When young PTs and students “get it” from the very beginning. When someone exudes passion for our field, wants to learn from its history and take steps to improve it. When they understand the importance of truly listening to each patient, because that’s the only way to get to the bottom of… Continue reading PT Profile: Katey Blumenthal

The Value of a Lumbopelvic Spine Course

Interested in receiving extra continuing education credits without investing the extra time or money? We are proud to announce that using the Continuing Competence Activity Standards, The Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) ProCert program has determined that NAIOMT’s Lumbopelvic Spine I courses provide the value and quality of a 23-hour course. (And you may recall, earlier… Continue reading The Value of a Lumbopelvic Spine Course

Low Dye Taping for Plantar Fascitis

Looking for a quick remedy for patients with plantar fasciitis who can’t walk without a limp due to the pain? Over pronation of the foot may be contributing to the over stretch to the plantar fascia, and in many case, low dye tape can help. Here’s how it works. Longitudinal strips are placed around the foot from… Continue reading Low Dye Taping for Plantar Fascitis

Big News At NAIOMT!

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has re-accredited NAIOMT’s Clinical Fellowship Program through 2025! If you’re not familiar with our fellowship, it’s a self-directed, part-time, eclectic program that enhances safe, efficient and effective advanced clinical reasoning and management of complex musculo-skeletal dysfunctions. Our strength is the clinical expertise of our… Continue reading Big News At NAIOMT!