Low Dye Taping for Plantar Fascitis

Looking for a quick remedy for patients with plantar fasciitis who can’t walk without a limp due to the pain? Over pronation of the foot may be contributing to the over stretch to the plantar fascia, and in many case, low dye tape can help.


Here’s how it works. Longitudinal strips are placed around the foot from the medial side of the big toe to the lateral side of the little toe. Strips are then placed from lateral to medial across the longitudinal arch. An adhesive felt (1/8 in) pad is placed in the metatarsal and longitudinal arch, as seen in above picture. Strips of tape are then applied over the pad from lateral to medial again. Patient is to wear the tape at all times when weight bearing.

We’ll be covering this as well as manual therapy, neurophysiological techniques, and various other treatment approaches to enhance your clinical skills at our upcoming Advanced Lower Quadrant Integration course in Baltimore June 27-28. If you’re based anywhere in the region, join us!


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