Baby Steps Toward Efficient, Effective & Affordable Healthcare

The LA Times published an interesting article a few days ago focused on the role some large companies are playing — Boeing Starbucks and Costco in particular — in encouraging efficient, effective and affordable healthcare. You can read the full piece by Noam Levey here and take from it what you like, but we wanted to focus today on this little snippet.

“Patients with back pain frequently waited a month or more to get an appointment. They were given unnecessary tests or referred to specialists when they actually needed physical therapy. The consequences for patients were higher bills, spotty access and uneven results.” 

Familiar scenario, yes? And while it may be frustrating for us PTs that this is oftentimes the norm, what’s encouraging is that the topic’s being discussed in mainstream media. So let’s build momentum, keep spreading that message, and proving that physical therapy from the get-go can transform health and wellness in this country.


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