PT Profile: Jasmine Marcus

Through our PT Profile series, we hope to explore a wide range of perspectives in PT, from the most seasoned physical therapists to DPT students just embarking on their careers. Each has something special to offer. So this week, we meet 3rd year DPT student, Jasmine Marcus.

Where are you currently studying/practicing?
I will graduate in May 2015 with my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Columbia University.

Jasmine Marcus, 3rd year DPT student
Jasmine Marcus, 3rd year DPT student

What drew you to PT?
I was inspired to become a physical therapist after seeing physical therapists in high school for various running injuries. I was always in awe of how much they knew about the body, and eventually realized that I could acquire that same knowledge myself and use it to help people.

Once you’re through with DPT school do you plan on enrolling in any manual therapy continuing education as you move forward? If yes, why?
I do hope to enroll in manual therapy continuing education after graduation. I was in an advanced orthopedics track in school and another of my favorite courses was in soft tissue mobilization. In the clinic, it was exciting to employ what I learned and see patients improve using my hands. Physical therapy is one of the few medical fields where it is common to touch patients, so it is important to me to make the most of these skills.

Did you/do you have any influential mentors?
I have been lucky to have several influential mentors and role models in physical therapy. When I first became interested in physical therapy, I worked as an aide for a great physical therapist. He taught me so much about the profession and helped me decide that it was the career for me. I also have a family friend who is a physical therapist and she is always willing to bring me into the clinic to practice my skills or to discuss tough cases. Finally, I have been lucky to have great professors at Columbia who serves as mentors. There are a couple whom I have met with regularly throughout my time at school to discuss everything from where I should intern to what paths I should take when starting out. Their advice has been invaluable and I look forward to continuing these discussions after I graduate.

Do you plan to mentor in the future?
I hope I can be a mentor in the future to pay forward all the benefits I’ve received from having great mentors myself. In some ways I already am a mentor since I help students navigate applying to, and succeeding in physical therapy school through my blog PT To-Be.

Why did you start your blog?
Starting my blog was a natural first step for me to take after I decided to become a physical therapist since I had previously been a journalist. I still consider myself a writer so blogging allows me to combine two of my passions.

Thanks so much Jasmine! We look forward to connecting as you progress in your PT career!

Anyone have any words of wisdom to share as Jasmine finishes up school? What questions and topics would you like to see us explore in our new PT Profile series? Tell us in the comments below, and nominate yourself or your mentor to be featured. You do not have to be familiar with NAIOMT — we’re simply trying to connect and facilitate productive conversations around physical therapy!

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