What’s YOUR PT Profile?

What kind of physical therapist are you? Are you proud to be a PT? Do you consider PTs the experts in movement? We do.

Brett guiding students in manual therapy techniques.
Brett guiding students in manual therapy techniques.


We want to know who you are and what you believe when it comes to PT issues, from manual therapy to mentorship. So each week we’re highlighting physical therapists across the country, and potentially beyond.  We want to discuss important issues, connect with you and give credit where it’s due for all you’re doing for people in pain.

So please! Nominate yourself or a PT you respect by leaving a comment below, posting to our Facebook page or sending a message. You can also send us a Tweet or direct message on Twitter.

Next week we’ll be introducing you to a performance PT based in Washington state. And not just because of his sweet collection of NAIOMT course manuals. You don’t have to be a NAIOMT student to be honored here..although it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Photo Credit: Ryan Willis of http://www.psspt.com
Photo Credit: Ryan Willis of http://www.psspt.com


7 thoughts on “What’s YOUR PT Profile?

  1. What type of therapist are you?: Given today’s terms I guess I am a manual therapist. I do not think that really covers what we do though. I use my hands to help correct movement pattern disorders quicker so the speed of recovery can increase. The second thing I do is use my knowledge of movement to instruct the pt in proper movements so gains maid are also gains maintained.

    Are you proud to be a PT?: I am not sure I am “proud” to be anything, I do my best everyday to meet each pt were they are at and help them reach their goals. I like my job and love helping people.

    Do you consider PTs the experts in movement?: Of course I consider my self an expert on movement, exercise, and the human condition. If your not an expert of these things then your going to struggle as a PT. Most therapist are highly trained and if we as a profession apply ourselves diligently we will gain much in physicians and the public’s view of us as experts in all things movement.

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