New Year, New Skills

As we highlighted last week in 5 Things PTs Should Be Be Proud of This Year, we all should be closing out 2017 feeling pretty good about the direction of our profession, and the passion and dedication that’s being injected into it by seasoned and fresh PTs alike. That said, this is no time to sit back and go about our days on autopilot. Not when there’s so much work to do and so many health challenges to rise above.

No matter how long we’ve been practicing, or how much we think we know, there’s always something new to learn that may help our patients. So if you have one professional New Year’s resolution, let it be this: keep challenging yourself. Whether that’s seeking an alternative angle to addressing a problem, conferring with others, working on your ability to listen, or evolving your clinical reasoning skills. Taking this path, although not the easiest, gets us closer to discovering what it truly means to treat the whole person.

Ready to jump right into it in the new year? Here are some opportunities for growth coming up January. Note: NAIOMT sponsors 2nd & 3rd year PTs and recent grads not yet licensed, so courses are 50% off.

Boston, MA – Cervical Spine II – January 6-7
Portland, OR – Lumbopelvic Spine I – January 13-14
Denver, CO – Advanced Clinical Reasoning – January 21-22
Portland, OR – Advanced Clinical Reasoning – January 27-28
Falls Church, VA – PTA: Principles of Upper Quadrant Manual Therapy – January 27
New York, NY – Lumbopelvic Spine I – January 28-29
Full 2018 course Schedule

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