Thoracic Spine Manipulation

In the manual therapy video below, Stacy Soappman demonstrates an alternative way to manipulate the thoracic spine in a patient that has an anteriorly rounded posture.

For more guidance in this area, and to set your manual therapy skills apart in 2018, join Stacy in Denver, CO April 22-23 for Thoracic Spine or get in on one of these upcoming sessions:

New York, NY – February 25-26 – Thoracic Spine
Tucson, AZ – April 5-8 – Thoracic Spine
Seattle, WA – April 21-22 – Thoracic Spine
Portland, OR – September 15-16 – Thoracic Spine
Kansas City, MO- September 15-16 – Thoracic Spine
San Diego, CA – September 21-22 – Thoracic Spine


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