NAIOMT Day of Innovation

Consider joining us at the Seattle Airport Marriott Hotel on Saturday June 7 for the 3rd Annual NAIOMT Day of Innovation. The day provides 7 hours of CME credit related to innovation and clinical reasoning in manual therapy. Made up of a series of short clinical presentations from active NAIOMT faculty, the topics are varied…the key thing linking them all together is that they are creative, innovative and unencumbered by today’s seemingly obsessive need to preface or bracket every statement with a literary citation.

To the contrary, these presentations will focus simply on what our faculty are doing in the clinic…what they’re seeing, what they’re creating and how they’re changing the face of manual therapy day by day. Erl Pettman and Ann Porter-Hoke will lead the day with a discussion on why ‘Anatomy, Bio-mechanics & Pathology still matter’. That alone will be worth the price of admission.

Come and join us…look up to the left and click on the “Day of Innovation” link for more details.

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