NAIOMT AGM Begins today in Seattle

By Brett WIndsor,

The NAIOMT AGM begins today at the Seattle Marriott near the airport. A day of meetings today for the officers, but we have an all day examiners meeting tomorrow to work with our examiners group. Faculty meetings all day Friday and then the NAIOMT “Day of Innovation” on Saturday; a day for the clinicians where we all gather and listen to short presentations about what people are doing in the clinic, whether it’s new and innovative, or the tried and tested…it’s always a great day.

If you’re in the area and looking for something to do on Saturday, why not come on down? It’s not too late to register

It’s always s great week for us…we don’t often all get together as a group, so there’ll be a lot of serious business, but also some fun and good times.

Best regards



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