It’s great to be part of a family…

By Brett Windsor, PT

There’s a lot of manual therapy institutes out there…I’m glad I’m part of this one – NAIOMT. Certainly I’m grateful for the education NAIOMT has provided me. NAIOMT came along at a time when I was pretty desperate professionally. I was about ready to walk away from a discipline that seemed to me to be aimless, floating from guru to guru, presenting a level of practice variability that I just couldn’t work with. Nothing was working, everything was confusing. For me, NAIOMT solved that problem and provided me with a base that has allowed me to become focused, efficient, accurate, and eclectic. But, for me, NAIOMT is about more than that.

NAIOMT is a family – it’s about belonging to something, being a part of something. NAIOMT is made up of a group of people who share the same belief system, a belief system that says manual physical therapy can be effective and precise and that PT’s in general are capable of a lot more than they are generally given credit for. Sure, we ahve our issues – what family doesn’t. We certainly don’t all believe the same things. it’s our greatest strength, yet our greatest weakness. I’ve made lifelong friends in NAIOMT; people who’ve enriched my life beyond any tangible measure. It’s comfortable, it’s enjoyable, and it’s stimulating. 

It seems that we need more of that these days…

Best regards. Have a great day!!

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