Benefits of Taking an Advanced Techniques 801 Class

Today we want to address the benefits of taking the NAIOMT level IV/801 Advanced Techniques class. In short, it aims to fine tune your hands-on skills to better interpret motion barriers and enhance all your manual therapy techniques whether you are utilizing high or low velocity, small or large amplitude techniques.

Ann-TeachingThe class focus is precise focused spinal manipulation (thrust) techniques, including “mini manips.” The techniques are so gentle with minimal rotation that your patient will be amazed that there is minor if any post-treatment soreness and that such a gentle technique made such a difference in pain or function. We also very carefully screen you, the participant, so that your experience from the lab sessions is also a good one.

You may say, I’m not strong enough. The techniques require speed and practice in psychomotor skills but primarily you are using your brain and best body mechanics to facilitate the technique. Your instructor Ann has needed to modify many techniques over her decades of practice to be successful and will focus on training you to find strategies for you to succeed.

The 801 class stresses identification of risk factors to inform your clinical reasoning to utilize safe, effective and efficient spinal manipulation and mobilization techniques.

Each weekend is a stand-alone 3-day class, with part B building on the theory and skills from part A. Each 21-hour class also has an on-line pre-course study guide, to prepare you well for the class. This will also help brush away any cobwebs if it has been a while since you have taken NAIOMT or other manual therapy classes, and attending this for an update and refresher. We welcome all physical therapists with an interest in manual therapy and spinal manipulative therapy. You do not need to have completed our examinations and there is less theory than in our level III classes.

Come try out the NAIOMT 801 part A class I’ll be teaching in Seattle on February 20. You can register here.

Ann Porter Hoke PT, DPT, FAAOMPT

NAIOMT  Distinguished Faculty

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