6 Ways Taking a Level I Course Can Make You a Better PT

As one of our stellar guest faculty members, Angela Gordon, PT, DSc, MPT, COMT, OCS, ATC, FMS recently put it, “Anyone can learn something from a book or a lecture but that doesn’t mean it translates into good quality clinical skills.”

And it’s true. There’s a lot that goes into becoming a great physical therapist and master clinician. NAIOMT continuing education is evidence-based, yes. We have to remember though…evidence includes more than just literature. It includes knowledge, patient experience, and clinical experience. 


Here are a few ways a level I course can set you on the path to becoming the PT you’re meant to be.

  1. Level I courses help to make the complicated simple. You’ll decide what the important issues are and how to prioritize the rest. You’ll start to really crave new patient evaluations; you’ll do more of them in a day, without feeling stressed and overburdened.
  1. Level I courses develop your clinical reasoning skills, specifically identifying serious pathology; screening the patient to answer the question of whether the patient should be in physical therapy, and to allow you to prioritize and focus the examination process.
  1. Level I courses improve your diagnostic skills. Differential diagnosis sounds easy, but NAIOMT will develop the intricate details that allow you to really separate the common from the not so common, the benign from the serious.
  1. Level I courses improve your technique skills…you learn all these techniques (especially manipulation) in school, but there’s no time to master them. NAIOMT teaches mastery of technique through focused lab sessions that are specific and in a case-based context. .
  1. Level I courses are evidence-informed. We combine the best from the best with a logical, reason-based platform to provide an eclectic, inclusive, and thorough approach to the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic manual therapy patients.
  1. Level I courses are built around real patient cases. NAIOMT uses actual cases to show you how an expert thinks and works their way through a complicated patient case. Then, we show you how to do it, and how to apply it to similar cases.

Any questions? Find a Lumbopelvic Spine I course or Cervical Spine I course in your region.

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