Sports Rehab Expert Interviews NAIOMT’s Angela Gordon

Eclecticism. It’s one of the things we at The North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy are truly proud of. We have skilled, experienced, practicing clinicians from a wide range of backgrounds teaching our courses and mentoring PTs in our programs. Ann Porter Hoke, for example, trained with and worked alongside James Cyriax himself, and she’ll be sharing her knowledge over the next few months in courses including Cervical Spine II, Advanced Lower Quadrant Integration and Advanced Clinical Reasoning.

Photo Credit: Guido Dercksen
Photo Credit: Guido Dercksen

Another great example of the eclecticism and expertise of our faculty can be seen in the work of Angela GordonPT, DSc, MPT, COMT, OCS, ATC, FMS, physical therapist for the Washington Nationals baseball team. She’ll be offering a special athlete-focused course soon but until then, take a look at Angela’s PT Profile on the blog, or listen to her recent interview over at You’ll need a subscription to access it, but the there’s a lot of stellar content there (and a free 14-day trial for just $1)!

Just let us know if you have any questions about Ann, Angela or any other faculty member on the NAIOMT team!

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