Movement Monday: 352 Mile Long Race Across the Arctic

A few weeks ago we shared a video In Sickness and In Movement as a cool reminder of why we do what we do as physical therapists. We followed up with this Ted Talk that emphasizes the power of what we say, alongside what we do. So we’re going to keep things rolling along those lines each week with a “Movement Monday” post where we’ll continue to share stories and videos of those who are pushing extreme boundaries, overcoming odds and reaching goals big and small. Comment below if you have any recommendations!

Let’s start with “How it Feels To Run A Marathon at Minus 45 Degrees.”

2 thoughts on “Movement Monday: 352 Mile Long Race Across the Arctic

  1. A person of interest to add to your list would be Charlie Engle… he has competed in Badwater at least a handful of times, ran across the Saharan desert, ran across America, etc. He is an amazing and humble fellow. You can contact me for further info!


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