A Case Study: Neurological Pathology And Orthopedic Dysfunction

In the video below, NAIOMT Faculty Stacy Soappman takes us through a case that demonstrates the value of the lumbopelvic scan and strong clinical reasoning skills.

To enhance your approach, consider an upper level course coming up in the following cities:

February 11-12: Advanced Clinical Reasoning (Portland, OR)

February 25-26: Dry Needling Lower Quadrant (Huntsville, AL)

February 26-27: Advanced Upper Quadrant Integration Part B (Denver, CO)

March 10-12: Advanced Spinal Manipulation (Portland, OR)

March 19-24: Advanced Spinal Manipulation (Berrien Springs, MI)

April 8-9: Advanced Clinical Reasoning (Baltimore, MD)

April 22-23: Advanced Spinal Manipulation Part A (Dallas, TX)

May 13-14: Advanced Upper Quadrant Integration Part A

May 18-22: Advanced Spinal Manipulation (Tucson, AZ)

Browse full list of manual therapy courses happening across the country.

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