Abstract of the Week: Neuromechanical response to spinal manipulation therapy: effects of a constant rate of force application.

This week, we recommend taking a look at an abstract that was published in June 2016: Neuromechanical response to spinal manipulation therapy: effects of a constant rate of force application.

Why do I think this one matters? Well…physics. It all comes back to physics. Speed. Velocity. Amplitude. All words that made my head spin during college physics. However, when applied to something I love (physical therapy), those words no longer make me want to cry.

When teaching, I will ask the class if they use manipulation as a treatment choice on a regular basis. More often than not people admit to not using this valuable treatment tool.  When asked why they are not utilizing it, an answer I often hear is that they are not strong enough to be effective.

Being a small person, on any given day in the clinic 99% of my patients are bigger then me. My students are shocked to find out that I prefer manipulation over mobilization when appropriate. The reason is that most of the time it is easier to perform a single manipulation rather than repeated mobilizations.

This article highlights the fact that you do not have to be strong to be effective with your manipulation techniques…you need to be fast to achieve a neuromuscular response.  So it should not matter if your patients outsize you–you need fast muscles, not big ones to be effective.

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soappman175**Abstract of the week shared by NAIOMT Instructor Stacy Soappman, PT, DSc, COMT, FAAOMPT.

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