New Season, New Skills: Advanced Spinal Manipulation

We know. It’s tough to say goodbye to summer-especially with all that inspiring #Summer of Move action happening across the country.

But we can’t help but love the transition into the fall season too. It’s where we see some of the most stellar growth happening, and where so many passionate physical therapists make the decision to take their game up a notch (or two or three) on their path to becoming master orthopaedic manual physical therapists.

One of the places in particular that we see this growth play out is in our Advanced Spinal Manipulation course. It continues the journey to advance the orthopaedic manual physical therapist’s clinical skills, with a focus on mobilization/manipulation interventions, including high velocity low amplitude techniques to the spine, upper cervical, costal and pelvic joints–all of which can be a game changer in the clinic or wherever you’re working day-to-day. The NAIOMT 700 series is where you will set yourself apart from being able to not just perform a scan and biomechanical examination but to search for and treat the root cause(s).

So if you’re looking to turn a sharp corner in your career, join us this fall or spring for:

Baltimore, MD – Oct 6-8 – Advanced Spinal Manipulation
Berrien Springs, MI – Oct 8-14 – Advanced Spinal Manipulation
Berrien Springs, MI – March 11-16 -Advanced Spinal Manipulation
Seattle, WA – April 6-8 – Advanced Spinal Manipulation

Let us know if you have questions!

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