Atlantoaxial Mobility Non-articular Cervical Dysfunction Assessment

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty member Ann Porter Hoke demonstrates how to accurately assess mobility in the cervical spine differentiating between actual ROM and ROM restricted by muscle guarding.

If you have questions and want to take your clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills to the next level, join us in person for one of our upcoming Cervical Spine courses:

Salt Lake City, UT – Oct 14-15 – Cervical Spine
New York, NY – Oct 15-16 – Cervical Spine
Portland, OR – Oct 28-29 – Cervical Spine
Baltimore, MD – Nov 4-5 – Cervical Spine
Salt Lake City, UT – Nov 11-12 – Cervical Spine
Seattle, WA – Nov 18-19 – Cervical Spine
Dallas, TX – Nov 18-19 – Cervical Spine
Seattle, WA – Jan 20-21 – Cervical Spine

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