One Way to Treat Lack of Supination in the Forearm

Does your patient have difficulty opening doors due to a lack of supination following a forearm/wrist injury? In the manual therapy video below, watch NAIOMT faculty member Stacy Soappman as she shares one way to treat this.

If interested in sharpening your clinical reasoning and upper extremity manual therapy skills in the clinic, reserve your spot in one of these upcoming NAIOMT sessions:

Renton, WA – May 5-6 – Upper Extremity
Baltimore, MD – May 19-20 – Upper Extremity
Slippery Rock, PA – June 23-24 – Upper Extremity
Dallas, TX – August 24-25 – Upper Extremity
Berrien Springs, MI – September 23-24 – Upper Extremity
Denver, CO – November 4-5 – Upper Extremity


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