Subtalar Joint: Manual Therapy Examination & Assessment of Glide in Eversion & Abduction

We’ll admit. The World Cup has us diving into the lower extremity. With all the fancy footwork–and collisions–happening, we can’t help but see each play through a physical therapist’s lens. So in the spirit of the World Cup, we cover the subtalar joint–examination and assessment of glide in eversion and abduction in the video below.


Years ago Erl Pettman, Senior Faculty-Examiner and one of the founders of NAIOMT, challenged the idea of traditionally assigning the axiom that there is more inversion than eversion in normal forefoot mechanics. Appreciate there is more glide into eversion than one might assume with implications that there is actually more eversion ROM than inversion available. And consider we are only gaining a glimpse of what must be even more apparent in the weight bearing foot!

Watch the video and join us for an upcoming Lower Extremity course to dive even deeper.

Slippery Rock, PA – September 15-16 – Lower Extremity
Salt Lake City, UT – September 29-30 – Lower Extremity
New York, NY – September 30-October 1 – Lower Extremity
Dallas, TX – October 26-27 – Lower Extremity
Seattle, WA – December 1-2 – Lower Extremity
 Orlando, FL – December 2-3 – Lower Extremity

Subtalar Joint: Manual Therapy Examination & Assessment of Glide in Eversion & Abduction from NAIOMT on Vimeo.


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