Movement: It’s What You Do This For (Video)

The human body’s ability to heal, and its ability to reach feats far beyond what our minds can comprehend is incredible. As physical therapists and experts in movement, we see the whole spectrum of movement on a daily basis. From those limited by chronic pain and disability to athletes bringing their bodies to the highest possible capacity, and everything in between. So… Continue reading Movement: It’s What You Do This For (Video)

Treating The Throwing Athlete

Baseball and softball players (and other overhead throwing athletes) are unique and require special characteristics to allow them the mobility and stability to perform their sport. And there are considerable anatomical and biomechanical kinetic chain concepts that a physical therapist must understand to treat them appropriately. That’s why we developed our new overhead thrower’s course, Advanced Concepts for the… Continue reading Treating The Throwing Athlete

The biomechanics of the Radio ulnar Joint

By Brett Windsor, PT   I had the opportunity to discuss the superior radio-ulnar joint with a colleague yesterday in the context of NAIOMT’s written exams. It appears, at least anecdotally, that students are increasingly performing poorly in the area of detailed joint biomechanics. Are we not teaching it well? Are students not studying the… Continue reading The biomechanics of the Radio ulnar Joint