Empirical Evidence. Neuroplasticity. Simplicity.

“Empirical evidence, data, or knowledge, also known as sense experience, is a collective term for the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.” (Wikipedia) Empirical evidence has a special place in my heart and my practice. My passion and excitement for therapy are increased when I… Continue reading Empirical Evidence. Neuroplasticity. Simplicity.

It’s about Clinical Reasoning

By: Brett Windsor PT, PhDc, MPA, OCS, FAAOMPT It’s about clinical reasoning. Nothing less. Put simply, the key to PT success is knowing what’s really going on. Knowing exactly why a person is experiencing pain; knowing what structures are generating it and how each individual places symptoms into the context of their own lives. Directional… Continue reading It’s about Clinical Reasoning