How Much is Too Much?

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Today I just wanted to pose a few questions as we all dive into another year of treating patients, and learning and growing as physical therapists. Before I do though, keep in mind that the manual therapy courses we teach at NAIOMT are evidence-informed and utilize case-based instruction.

booksI bring up the following questions because it’s important to examine the systems we use everyday, and understand that sometimes articles and even the latest research simply may not apply to your patients and their unique needs.

With all the evidence based practice of the last two decades, where is the evidence that we are any better at treating patients now than we were 50 years ago? Has the information explosion changed us for the better? Or has it decreased job satisfaction and made us all feel overwhelmed with inferiority?

Is it possible that the artistic, creative side of what we do has served patients well and continues to do so? We must continue to grow, but are more and more articles really the answer? Let’s discuss!


3 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. Great question. I think one of the issues that causes us to get overwhelmed is when we try to treat most conditions as a homogeneous entity when in fact we have been showing they respond more favorably to placing them into subgroups. Also, one should focus on specializing in a particular content area such as OMT in order to not feel overwhelmed and inferior. Someone out there will always be better than us at some things than others do we should compliment each other verses compete against.


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