Balance: How do we get there?

As we’ve covered here before, there’s a general feeling that the sheer amount of data that we are being asked to incorporate into our daily ‘evidence based practice’ is becoming almost impossible to absorb, yet there is also very little evidence to suggest that all of this ‘evidence’ has surpassed our creative abilities to think through clinical problems and solve them from an anatomical, pathological and person based perspective.

balanceSo…now let’s move into the solution game. What should we be doing to give us balance in our clinical lives? What could we be doing to both maximize our responsibilities to be the best practitioners we can be, whilst also realizing that life balance must be maintained at the same time?

I’ve got my thoughts…but what are yours? I’d love to hear how you feel about this topic, and in my next post I’ll lay out a plan to achieve some sense of professional balance, aligned with competence. Sound good? 

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