A Sincere Apology

– Brett Windsor, PT

This past weekend, NAIOMT released a marketing video aimed at promoting the activities of the Institute. Regrettably, this video did not appropriately credit the original authors of the work being presented. NAIOMT has always prided itself on adhering to the highest professional standards in ensuring that all of our work credits the original source. History matters. As the CEO of NAIOMT, I take full responsibility. It is my job to ensure that any and all material put into the public domain accurately represents NAIOMT and on this occasion I failed. Procedures within NAIOMT have been changed to ensure that this does not happen again.

Specifically, I offer apologies to Gail Molloy & Fred Stoot, who spent hundreds of hours developing an amazing hip manipulation technique; a technique that can result in profound differences when used on the right patient. Fred and Gail conceived, developed, and refined it, and they deserve the credit. Although no longer with NAIOMT, Gail Molloy in particular has had an impact on NAIOMT that cannot be measured with words. For decades, Gail exemplified the innovation, creativity and intelligence that exemplified everything NAIOMT has to offer. Her absence from NAIOMT, and that of Fred, leaves a void in the Institute that won’t soon be filled.

I am sorry.

Best regards,

Brett Windsor, CEO NAIOMT

One thought on “A Sincere Apology

  1. I believe in giving credit where credit is due but over time it becomes very difficult to know the original source of any manual technique. I have been taught many techniques over the years that I thought were from one source and then was shocked to see how clearly the technique had been described by Greenman ( for example ). Was it the “percussion” type manipulation, the line of force, or the dysfunction that the manipulation treats that was original?


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