What Do Meteorologists and Physical Therapists Have in Common?

Well, let’s see. There are two kinds. One kind is modern and contemporary. They’re well dressed and professional; they look great on the television. They understand technology and they embrace it. Their forecasts are based on computer models. Five days out, the models are all over the place, divergent. As the time gets closer, the models converge and there it is, an accurate forecast. Just like looking outside when you wake up in the morning. As for the future, well, there’s a model for that too. They can predict it.


The other kind is old school. Generally more experienced; they’ve been around. They’re professional, but in a different way – it’s not so visual. Technology is there, but never really trusted. They look at charts, they search for patterns, they relate to history. They think deeply about their profession and the daily interaction of wind, sun, and air movements. They make their predictions based on a mix of the old and the new. Algorithms and models season their thinking; they don’t define it.

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