3 Special Skill Areas That Can Help PTs in The Clinic

By now you may have heard about or taken one of our multi-level manual therapy courses on the cervical spine, thoracic spine,  lumbopelvic spine, or upper and lower quadrant. But as faculty who are practicing clinicians seeing recurring issues in clinics across the country, once in a while we make the decision to develop specialty courses beyond our core curriculum to equip PTs with the skills to address them. Here are a few coming up that may relate to what you’re facing in the clinic.

Vestibular & Concussion Disorders – November 10 – Tucson, AZ

This one day on-site evidence-based course will expand your understanding of evaluation and interventions for patients with concussion and common vestibular dysfunctions.

Lumbar Spine Master Class – November 11 – Portland, OR


Ever struggle with which patients are a good candidate for surgery or not? Dr. Laurie McLaughlin, PT, DSc, FCAMPT, CMAG, MCPA has seen A LOT of spine related complaints throughout her career and has done more than 5000 spine surgery consults over the past decade. The Lumbar Spine Master Class will address recognizable patterns of presentation and help PTs identify those not fit for therapy early on and get them to a more appropriate resource, and vice versa.

Dry Needling Lower Quadrant – December 2-3 – Kalispell, MT

Dry Needling (DN) is a powerful, adjunctive tool for the orthopaedic manual physical therapist.  However, when not placed in the context of a thorough subjective history, a comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal examination, and appropriate differential diagnosis, it can be challenging to accurately identify the most appropriate patients and achieve optimal patient outcomes. This course is designed to bridge the gap between dry needling theory and how this tool can be integrated into clinical practice seamlessly.

Let us know if you have any questions at all!

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