Talar Swing Test Video

Earlier this week, NAIOMT faculty member Steve Allen discussed a real-life case scenario of an athlete that experienced an inversion ankle injury in the post Delayed Diagnosis, Delayed Care. In it, he referred to the the Talar Swing Test as being beneficial to addressing her subsequent presentations in the year that followed the injury. Take a look at… Continue reading Talar Swing Test Video

Musculoskeletal Monday: The Elbow Complex

The elbow complex consists of three joints, forming a bridge between the shoulder and the hand, and it’s an exciting and challenging region to treat. Anatomy Doesn’t Lie If you have a patient presenting with posteriorlateral elbow pain, a diagnosis of lateral epicondylitis, and a history of trauma you may want to consider the lateral… Continue reading Musculoskeletal Monday: The Elbow Complex

Delayed Diagnosis, Delayed Care

Don’t you love being a PT? Who else cares that a blocked, silent culprit of a joint can lead to consequential injury up or down the chain of the homosapien? Or that a hypermobile joint is distorting my sympathetic nervous system, making me most vulnerable to injury? Who else has that training? We as PTs… Continue reading Delayed Diagnosis, Delayed Care

Talocrural Distraction Video

In the manual therapy video below, NAIOMT faculty member Stacy Soappman (a.k.a. ManipGirl on Twitter!) demonstrates talocrural distraction. For more in-depth manual therapy guidance, join us for one of our upcoming Lower Extremity Courses: September 15-16 in San Diego, CA October 21-22 in Seattle-Tukwila, WA October 21-22 in Kansas City, MO October 29-30 at Touro College in… Continue reading Talocrural Distraction Video

Assessment and treatment of the Superior Tib-Fib Joint

In the video below, NAIOMT’s Ann Porter-Hoke demonstrates a thorough assessment and treatment of the superior tib-fib joint complex. Although not always noticed, dysfunction in this area can have a profound effect on the function of the lower quadrant.

PTs and PT students can get more guidance in our upcoming Lower Extremity manual therapy course in San Diego or Kansas City, MO.

And if you’re a PTA looking to go beyond entry-level education and improve extremity mobilization skills, join us for:

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